Alan V Walker

Photo by David Paton
Photo by David Paton

 Alan has been taking professional photographs of dogs since the early eighties, making him one of the most experienced canine photographers in the UK. He started working for Our Dogs in 1985 and during his career he is privileged to have photographed some of dogdom's finest and most famous dogs.

In the early days Alan was noted for the quality of his black and white images that were produced in his own darkroom, being ably aided and abetted by his wife Kath. These days he has invested in digital technology and between the pair of them are again producing exceptionally stunning images 'in house'.

Being seriously involved with dogs all his married life; he has enjoyed showing Old English Sheepdogs and Miniature Schnauzers. The family home is fondly referred to as "The Zoo", due to the menagerie, which over the years has also included Peking Bantams, Chinchillas, Guinea pigs and more recently reptiles. In the early days Alan was also involved in ringcraft training, has judged OES and is now Chairman of Coventry (Foleshill) C. A.

Having worked soley for Our Dogs Newspaper for 24 years Alan has now moved to Dog World as of January 1st 2010.